Monday, January 21, 2008

Murderball (and a few other recent films)

080121 Murderball
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There are bargains to be found among the ex-rental DVDs at times, and this one was a corker. I'd always meant to see this, and had never got around to it - so a couple of years after everybody else, I've finally seen this excellent documentary about wheelchair rugby.

Verdict: Very Excellent and Recommended.

It's not a film to pull punches, and if you're a tad sensitive to swearing, it might make you twitch. But in the stories it explores, it offers a great deal - not just the rahrah of top level murderball international rivalry, but the human stories of what the game can mean to those who are involved at that level, and those who may still be travelling the difficult days of rehab.

It also struck me as having great potential for senior health/PE in high school in the ways in which it explores not only disability, but also sexuality and road safety and consequences, all things worth discussing with teenagers.

Other films I've seen recently, in case it's looking like Everything's Just Brilliant:

Elizabeth: The Golden Age. A perfectly fine follow-up to Elizabeth (riddled with Australians, ha!).

Death at a Funeral, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the fairly full cinema in which I saw it, but which left me utterly cold. Would have walked out if I could. Just wasn't my sense of humour at all, it seemed forced and unfunny and at times rather ghastly.

No Country for Old Men: not always easy to watch, but a clever film with a narrative that has twist and drive and much dread. Javier Bardem as the hitman is horribly good, Tommy Lee Jones as the sheriff, with that lived-in face and unmistakeable voice, equally good.

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