Monday, January 14, 2008


0801 Flinders St Station mosaic 1
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Quilt-inspiring geometry is everywhere (this is a mosaic near the entrance to Flinders St station). It's my kind of quilting that this has a bunch of blues, a bunch of browns, lots of variations on each colour. At a quilt shop (not that, ahem, I'm short of fabric, exactly) I find myself much preferring to purchase a little amount of a lot of fabric, rather than yardage of a few (unless it's a border). For the same reason I like jelly rolls, charm packs, fat sixteenths, other ways to have variety.

While in Melbourne I invested in some happy summer prints, cherry and pink and lime and aqua, and this morning I've been playing with ideas in Electric Quilt. And downloading some of the EQ palettes I don't have on this computer (if you have EQ, here's the link: That's another way to play with fabric, and it involves less (physical) storage...

There was a fierce storm yesterday afternoon, enough to bring down trees amid the rumble of thunder which lasted hours, and cracks of lightning sometimes close enough to make you jump. This morning there's washing to be done, but the day is grey and not promising for washing to get dry, the air and ground still damp from yesterday's rain. I was going to paint a couple of cupboards for the sewing room too, but again I wonder how the paint will dry today. Tomorrow's going to be warmer. Maybe tomorrow. (The cupboards will help finish off the sewing room, which I know seems to have been underway for a long time - but it will get there).

(I haven't forgotten Scatterday, a catchup is coming...)

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