Friday, December 29, 2006

Aqua and brown quilt revisited

0612 aqua and brown revisited
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Don't even ask - the blue and brown quilt idea I had (and which is now at the quilter's, all 80 inches square of it) got gazumped. So here we all are, to quote the appalling mother in Strictly Ballroom, cutting out another blue and brown quilt that has to be finished, with instructions, by 2 January. That's 2 January 2007, aka Tuesday. Ain't life fun? I still like this colour scheme and am happy with the new, entirely different to the old, design (God bless the Around the Block books, which have so many inspirational block ideas in them). But having spent a large part of the day on it, we're going to run away to the cinema this afternoon and then I'll put my nose back on the grindstone this evening.

The editor was OK with version 1, but I thought they were too alike (and damn it was a great design idea - why did someone else have to have it at around the same time, entirely unbeknowst to me???!!!) so it's my call to start afresh so I can deliver a blue and brown quilt on Tuesday. So I am. I don't want to look like I'm copying someone else's work, even if I didn't (I do make exceptions for long-dead quilters, whose work is constantly inspirational - but this was a modern design idea that got gazumped, not a vintage one).

PS: all is not lost - version 1 always was, and remains, destined to be entered in the Sydney Quilt Show in 2007. And I can't wait to see Kim Bradley's brilliant quilting!


Carmel said...

What a bugger!
So that mean we can see a piccie of Version 1 when it comes back from the quilters??

rooruu said...

Once the quilt show entries close in March, I might publish one here...

Anonymous said...

Hallo, I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, when I first started getting interested in quilting. I'm still working on my first--it's taken 4 weeks so far. Good luck with quilt #2, I'm sure it will be beautiful, what with all the gorgeous patterns you've laid out!

- MJ

meggie said...

What a shame... but Great Minds, Rooruu!

Look forward to seeing both, eventually.

Wish I had half the energy you seem to have!!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

YIKES! Well, that'll keep you outta the pubs and picture shows, eh?