Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Christmas Meat Contest

Every year my sisters talk about Christmas meat bargains - if you trot along to your local supermarket on Christmas Eve later in the day, the supermarket will be in a frenzy of selling off its meat because of the two-day-closure, and so astounding bargains can be had - eye fillet for tuppence nothing etc.

I've never especially bothered to do this (nor at Easter, when it happens too). This year, they talked of eye fillet for tuppence nothing etc, and I knew I wasn't even in the contest (cue Annie Oakley, anything you can do I can do better...). Well, at least till today.

At the local supermarket, they had a few frozen turkeys and turkey buffes (breast section, with bone, minus wings/drumsticks) left. A 4kg (just under 9lb) one was, according to the ticket, reduced from $43something to$17something. I do love turkey....

So I succumbed (boy that's going to be a lot of turkey for this household - but the family will help eat it all). At the register, it scanned at $43something. Aha! But the ticket said $17something. So with huffing and puffing and sending of minions in search of said ticket, this was established (after I explained what a buffe was several times, and said it Wasn't a breast roll, they don't get bigger than 2kg). OK. Established that it should have been $17something.

Only, under state consumer laws, if something scans at the wrong price, you get the first item free and then any others the same at the correct price. Supermarket folk reluctantly agree that This is So.

I got 4kg of turkey (currently defrosting in the fridge, it's apparently going to take 18 hours per kg, so it will be ready to cook this year, just!) for nix. Nuffin. Free.

Do you think I won the Christmas Meat Contest this year? !! anything you can do I can do better... eye fillet for the price of sausages? Meh.


meggie said...

A Joyous story!! Ho Ho.

Miss Dot said...

oh, you definitely win the meat contest! thanks for my ornament, it arrived today and luckily it wasn't a parcel as another one that arrived today got thrown over my front wall and straight into the pool! hahaha Merry Christmas!