Friday, December 01, 2006

Daft Christmas ornament

0611 Christmas baubles 10
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Spotted this in a respectable department store that's gone all Christmas-quirky this year. It's the top nominee for Daft Christmas ornament, imho. (if you've photographed any contenders, by all means let me know).

You've got to wonder who sat there going, well, we can have a cow. That's Christmassy (?). And a scarf says winter (not that you need a scarf in the Australian summer). Hmmm. Add some Christmas tree elvish figures on the back, holding mittens and facing out: wearing aprons, of course, for what is a tree elf without its apron? When it's in a dancing circle on the back of a cow? And give them red shoes. Yeah. The cow should probably have shoes too - red stripey ones, there's a thought!

The most accurate bit is the cow's expression of almost total bewilderment. It's about 8in high from hoof to horn.

And gibe as I might, fact is that it IS on sale, and may just be someone's trulyy roollyy dream.

I think it's the shoes that disturb me most.....


Caitlin said...

Ok, I now have to live up to the challenge - my camera and I will be out tomorrow to find another Christmas Atrocity - but that cow's gonna be hard to beat!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I hear you sister - I often see things in the shops and think "Hang on. Someone thought it was a great idea to design this. Then someone else thought it was worthy enough to manufacture a kazillion of them. Then the buyer in this store decided to buy a whole pile of them. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!"

meggie said...

This caused us much mirth! Who could have 'designed' this??
I, too, will be looking out for oddities.