Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Worth a comment

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Today, for the first time as far as I remember, comments on my Flickr photos required two pages. Terribly modest, in comparison to so many of you, but here in my corner of the net, chuffed is the word of the day. I take these photos firstly for me, to catch things, try things, observe the world, record colour - any number of reasons. To know they're finding friends is an added, unexpected delight.

The iPod one is my most 'busy' image in terms of page views etc - and it gets funnier and funnier that I took it in artificial light on the evening when I'd finished making it - for all the trouble I've taken with other photos, this one, hardly elegant, has taken the cake. The photo's own qualities are secondary to the subject and its idea. That's a humbling thought for a photographer!

So thanks if you're one of those who comments either here on the blog or over at Flickr. It's appreciated.

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