Thursday, December 14, 2006

Red hot

0612 Christmas baubles 30
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Red baubles (wow, there was a trad Christmas colour amid all the mod glam tropical/pastel/blue ones!) for a day predicted to reach over 37 degrees Celsius (or 99 Fahrenheit, for those still working with the old money). Yesterday? 24. Tomorrow? 23. It's a mad weather rollercoaster. For today, we'll be hurrying from shade to shade, hoping there will be airconditioning to make rooms bearable.

This must sound so odd if you're in the northern hemisphere winter and have never had a summer Christmas. The really down downside is the bushfires in Australia at the moment - no lives lost, afaik, but certainly homes and businesses burnt in Victoria and Tasmania. Long drought, dry country and a lightning strike or firebug, and then all you need is a hot, dry, windy day and then....

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