Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gingerbread landscape

0612 gingerbread landscape
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I could tell you that all 12 dozen gingerbread hearts, daisies and stars survived Christmas Day....but they didn't. Which is exactly as it should be. Just as well they were photographed as they were piled on the cooling rack.

The background is the door of a classic old Australian brand of stove, Early Kooka (I don't own a whole stove, just the door from one, which I found years ago, and which lives in the kitchen as a Decorative Object).

I chuckle as I post this - in reading some of my favourite blogs, there's a positive epidemic of Christmas baking landscapes like this - trays and trays of shortbread and sugar cookies and I don't know what all! Lots of people with home-made Christmas goodies. Who says it's the computer age and nobody does home-made any more?

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