Sunday, December 03, 2006


As, in the midst of everything else claiming (demanding!) attention, I blogged today's photo, it occurred to me that I'm almost at the end of the first year. Back in January I challenged myself to find a photo a day (it didn't end up quite being TAKE, but close. Very close. Life's like that.). This blog was a place to put them with some sort of accompanying burble/rant/whatever.

And now I'm almost a year in, and have the most amazing collection of images. Not because I'm a brilliant photographer, but because I know I've caught this year for myself - the surprising, the mundane, things I might have seen but would never, otherwise, have remembered.

Writing the blog, and travelling through the blog community reading other people's blogs, has enriched the year - learning, laughing, thinking, dreaming.

Here are two recent posts about blogging which you too may be glad you've read.
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I wanted to go to a Handel's Messiah performance today, but it wasn't possible. So, instead, I've found my 3-CD box of the full work (including all the bits performances sometimes leave out) and that will provide a soundtrack to the day.

I sang in a Messiah choir for over a decade, every Christmas - that's another choice in my life that enriched it too, immersing yourself in that glorious music every year. In the highest note of all, in the soprano part of the final Amen, you feel, as the performance ends and you reach a note which you normally don't imagine you can reach, as though you are flying, filled with sound, surrounded by the harmony of many voices, facing an audience with joy in their faces.

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meggie said...

I really loved this post Rooruu!

I could almost see you flying with the joy of the singing.

I get so much joy from music, & the soundtrack of my life!