Sunday, July 22, 2007


Recent finds.

A rock guitar version of Pachelbel's Canon. I want this finger dexterity....


Poppalina on Acts of Gratuitous Beauty, about people who craft.

A bird in flight


Bella Dia's list of Craft Blogger books

Must revise my links list over there on the right. Some I don't seem to read any more, while my Bloglines list grows ever longer with new discoveries. Opening my Bloglines list is like a wonderful self-made magazine, with columns and sections I've chosen, and new things to read all the time.


I'm doing a few posts on colour palettes over at whipup, but if you don't visit there, do look at this one of fd's flickr toys, which generates the colour palette in a photo: Palette Generator.

Part of my family's DNA is an affection for gadgets - Book of Joe is a wonderful tyre-kicking fix of the wondrous, the wacky, the intriguing and the completely nutty...


Australian Story consistently has extraordinary documentaries. Some you can watch on broadband, if you miss them at 8pm Monday nights on the ABC.

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meggie said...

Loved the music! Thanks.