Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Watsons Bay mosaic

0707 Watsons Bay mosaic
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Let me take you for a sunny day's walk through Watsons Bay, on Sydney's South Head. The stone obelisk tells you its age, the road made in the early nineteenth century, but the quaint cottages tell you the same (I didn't photograph the many large modern houses - real estate here, small or large, is among Sydney's most expensive).

Between the houses, you can see the Sydney CBD. Around the headland from Watsons Bay is Camp Cove, where Arthur Phillip's First Fleet of convicts and settlers first came ashore in Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) in 1788.

Today, and quite accidentally, our timing was perfect to see the USS Kitty Hawk leave Sydney. From large to small - a boat the size of three football fields and the pleasure of window boxes and quirky door ornaments.

Being winter (would you look at that blue sky?) it was too cool for swimming in the harbour baths, but the dinghies spoke of summer and sunlight.

Dunbar House is just one of the large historic houses watched over by the ubiquitous seagulls, who think that Watsons Bay (and any stray chips/french fries) is all theirs.

Congenial company, the famous Doyle's fish and chips for lunch, time to walk along the edge of the water, sit in the sun (out of the cool and searching wind, you could bake nicely), with talk and laughter and friendship - a fabulous day.

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