Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creative inspiration

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It's a while since I did a magazine catchup, so here's the first part of the most recently-read pile. A couple of new additions - I hadn't seen Adorn, or Quilts and More, at local newsagencies before.

What I'm actually doing today, apart from all the usual weekend stuff, is thinking out a table runner in gelato-pretty colours. Got the block design sorted, just have to decide on fabrics and start cutting and sewing. Is it overkill to have thought of three other tablerunner designs while working out this one? Love that feeling when your brain starts humming, and you remember other fabrics you have, and ways to put them together, and various shapes and patterns and photos that are fizzing around in the mix.

And there's one lot of instructions to write for another project. Sometimes instructions are no hassle, sometimes they're just NOT what you feel like doing!

Had a great day yesterday seeing the revelation of an annual quilting challenge. I'm always inspired by what the other dozen or so members of the group produce, and intrigued by seeing how each different creative mind has worked with the challenge in such individual ways. (This took up most of the day, which I why I didn't get to Harry Potter till the evening. It was a good day - two lots of anticipation).

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