Thursday, July 19, 2007


0707 frost on the grass
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
Not as cold or frosty as Tuesday morning, but this morning there were places where the frost had limned the grass...and since I didn't have time to photograph Tuesday's beauties, here's a little bit of this morning. Part of the appeal of frost is the way in which it does make you notice the structure and texture of things - leaves, stonework, whatever gets that subtle white overlay.

For a reality fix, as I wax lyrical about frost, I can give you a kid version: "Why would you bother taking photos of grass????????????"



candyschultz said...

Remember that picture of my garden I posted in February? Just to cheer you up I am going to post a current one in the next few days. It so amazes me that we have exactly the opposite weather.

meggie said...

It is not only the kids that make those comments in our house!