Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wings and stars

Another view of the Hyde Park war memorial in Sydney. I love the winged light flanking the window. The ceiling is full of stars, more dense as you look up towards the centre of the ceiling.

I didn't photograph today's main activity - paperwork (at work) and more paperwork (writing quilt instructions at home). Between privacy issues and not wanting to bore you witless, these didn't inspire my camera out of its bag.

I can't photograph the red and black challenge quilt which I got back from the quilter today (revelations on Saturday, just time to get the binding on....). Showed you the challenge fabrics a little while ago. Found a couple of excellent feature fabrics for the quilt.

Besides, I really wanted to show you this.

The other thing I didn't photograph was a tattoo. Not mine, but someone I know whose response to his little nevvy not being born alive (it was around the 24 week stage of pregnancy) was a tattoo of the baby's name and date and a Celtic cross, which I was shown today (he got it done yesterday, less than a month later). I'm not one for tattoos myself, but there was something very moving about it, in what it stood for in his life: to mark himself forever so the little one wouldn't be, because he was too important to be, forgotten. A very personal memorial from an uncle who's not yet twenty.

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