Friday, July 13, 2007


0707 Sophie Kinsella book
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I had a long wait today, one that I knew about in advance, so I stocked up with a couple of book choices to occupy the time. This one, from the op shop pile of a few days ago, turned out to be lots of fun, an entertaining meringue read of the chicklit variety. I haven't read any other Sophie Kinsella books (she writes the "Shopaholic" series) but now I just may.

The fact that it had an aqua cover, and I'm currently rather besotted with aqua, had NOTHING to do with anything!

I get slightly bewildered by the plethora of chicklit that you see in bookshops now - a spun-sugar cupcake palette of cover colours, twirly-whirly-I'm-fun fonts....and unsettlingly often, heroines who sound rather self-obsessed. If you have any chicklit recommendations, please do leave them in the comments - I'm happy to have some pointers to ones that are worth reading.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

For home grown chick lit I recommend Jessica Adams, Maggie Alderson and Monica McInerney.

Also Marian Keyes, Fiona Walker (I prefer her earlier stuff like Snap Happy and Kiss rather than her later) and Wendy Holden.

Squeaksqueal said...

I have read this a couple of times, it is a favourite. Like you, as yet I have not read any of her other books.