Sunday, July 08, 2007

Midwinter at the greengrocer

Yup, I was back at that well lit greengrocers today and took more pics to upload. If you click on the mosaic you'll hop on over to Flickr and see it larger - the rococo frills of the brussels sprouts, the Dr-Who-enemy-alien-ness of galangal and taro, celeriac, posing by its very self the question, is it the utterly ugliest of the lot? while the button mushrooms and cumquats and white cherries just do pretty, the quinces do their version of ugly in a brighter yellow at this time of year and a single beetroot leaf's purple wonderfulness just had to be photographed.

Or is it just me, being a tad obsessed with how intriguing the shapes and colours and repetitions of fruit and veg are?

Wish I'd bought the polyanthus now, not just photographed it. They had them at 5 pots for $10. I'm a fool - maybe I should visit again tomorrow and invest in winter colour....

Sideline note: One of the three bookshops at that shopping centre (which doesn't count the other three discount/department stores that sell books there too, and a couple of others with books as a sideline) has taken, the lady said, 900 paid advance orders for the final Harry Potter book. That's 900 people who've thought ahead, paid their dosh and will be in a nearly 900-person queue in a couple of weeks. Sheesh.

Most of all, I just don't want to know the ending till I read it myself. I dread the loudmouth in the store, three places ahead of me on the queue, who gets their book, flicks to the back and shouts out what happens. Nooooooo!

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