Friday, July 20, 2007

The splendour falls...

0707 the splendour falls...
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Something rather interesting about the straight lines of the human wall, and the organic shapes of nature. How much we try to organise and order our lives, and yet we admire beauty that will often have nothing at all to do with order and structure.

This castellated wall is at Vaucluse House in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

(Title is from a poem by Tennyson. But you probably knew that. Or if you didn't, you googled it.)

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rubyrose said...

...on castle walls, and snowy summits old in story. Yup, knew that, didn't have to Google it. Amazing, isn't it, the snippets that one retains for all those years? "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan etc, etc". They are all still there in some corner of my brain - and I wonder how much influence they have on the way I think, and see the world. Powerful stuff, poetry.