Monday, July 02, 2007

Knitting pattern - can you help?

My dear mama is in search of a knitting pattern for one of her grandsons. She's keen to knit him a jumper with a kind of crossover neckline. It's the kind of neckline in this Flickr photo, only probably going a tad further down the chest. From memory, to knit it you leave the front with a long squared off low neckline and then knit the collar as a rectangle to sew in, crossing over the ends of the rectangle at the front, so they're flat there and curve over to form a collar at the neck.

I don't knit. I know how, but an old injury means it becomes too painful after too short a period of time to bother. If any of you who read this blog, some of whom are knit-knowledgeable, could point me in the direction of a pattern (she wants to knit a size suited to about an 8 year old) I'd be most grateful, and so would my dear mama. Maybe a current pattern, maybe a vintage one (I'm sure they were cranking this style out in the fifties).

Leave a note in the comments or use the email addy over in the sidebar.

Thank you!

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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi have you checked the Patons and Cleckheatons online site to see what patterns are available? there might be just the right one! Cleackheatons have anew book out that uses a quite thick yarn,Zoom? id love to try it but my 2 youngest are bigger now and probably wouldnt get much wear out of them,
good luck though!!!