Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I apologise for this appalling Australiana Christmas decoration. It's quite the worst I can remember seeing. What you see here is the full abomination - a hybrid koalapine, a species which deserves extinction.

I'm sure every country produces a decoration or two with a local/patriotic theme. I'll admit to having several quite charming Australiana ones. But this? Yikes. Aaaargh. I apologise. Have you found a worse one, from any country?

The dentist apologised today too. Must be the day for it. After two hours, the tooth she was trying to extract had barely budged, despite several strategies which I won't detail here. Suffice it to say that they involved multiple needles (why are dental syringes so enormous?), knives, brute strength and so on. My Quasimodo jaw is gradually coming back to life (why is it that you always feel as though you're drooling when your mouth and jaw are anaesthetised?). Rather too much life. Not much talking going on here - it hurts to move it much at all, even with painkillers, and dinner for me will have to be something mashable and consumed in very genteel spoonfuls. And guess what? I'll be back there in less than twentyfour hours, when the dentist is determined not to come second to an unco-operative tooth (did I mention that she said she expected the extraction to take ten minutes? She apologised.).


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