Thursday, October 23, 2008


0810 toofless
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Today was it - morning appointment with the oral surgeon to finally take the rest of the recalcitrant tooth out. It didn't stand a chance, and if I ever have to have another toof out I'm a huge convert to sedation as part of extraction.... Even though I was silly as a two bob watch coming out of it (which is fairly usual, I believe), and provided my lovely chauffeur with plenty of blackmail material (I didn't say did...). Lots of sleeping the rest of the day, and relief that it's finished.

I should say that these weren't the actual tools the oral surgeon employed, but representative, well, kinda sorta...

I'm glad it's over. Well, except for the bills! Expensive things, teef.

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candyschultz said...

Oh god you have my sympathies. I hate tooth stuff. I have had two teeth break in the last year and while not as harrowing as yours I have had a lot of work done.

I am giving up on Outlander. It is not my kind of book. I did pick up 84 Charing Cross and the Duchess of Bloomsbury and will get to them eventually.

Hope your recovery moves swiftly.