Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Red Cross trauma teddies

0810 Red Cross trauma teddies
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I had to visit the pathologist this morning, and felt a tad pale after the unchatty vampire with the rather beautiful Pandora bracelet had finished her work. Unfortunately, being old and, it is assumed, brave, I don't qualify for a trauma teddy. But it was nice to admire the basketful instead of thinking about the monosyllabic vampire (whose bracelet, she mentioned, had ended up costing her over two thou*.  Oh, I said.).

Aren't those individual faces and expressions and colours just delightful? Red Cross volunteers knit trauma teddies and supply them in all sorts of places where children may need comfort. Just one wonderful way in which craft skill translates to charity and kindness.

*two thousand dollars?  Yikes!

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Pennie & David said...

I love those teddies they are so soft and friendly... Charlie got one when he visited Hospital a few months ago he calls it Bubby and loves it too.