Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quiltlet: C is for Cootamundra

0810 C is for Cootamundra
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Here's the third in my series of quiltlets for Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine: this one, C is for Cootamundra, is in vol. 17 no. 3, out now in Australian quilt shops and newsagencies.  (Quiltlet?  Little quilt?  Call it what you will).

Although most of the quiltlets won't have direct reference in their design to the place after which they're named, this one was too good a conjunction to pass by. Cootamundra, such a wonderful-sounding Australian place name, is very much associated with the national floral emblem wattle (or acacia). Some yellow yoyos, and a green background (coincidentally the national colours, green and gold) and, well, this one's turned out pretty patriotic. Yay to the photographer who found some real wattle to include!  I was aiming for an impressionistic kind of wattle, rather than a botanically accurate one.  But you've already worked that out, haven't you?

During this break I hope to finish both I and J, which will be out in issues in 2009. And no, I won't tell you which Australian places I've chosen...



Isabelle said...

That's so lovely. Simple but very striking.

Caity said...

Beautiful! ANd much less sneezy than the real thing...

SilentChorus said...

I was looking at this in my Mother's Quilting mag.

Was thinking of making it in Greys with Pink yo yo's.

Thank you so very much for the inspiration! You are an amazing woman!


rooruu said...

Thank you!

Dani, I'm so pleased that you can see a way to make it quite differently and all your own.