Saturday, October 04, 2008

New china: birdsong

0810 new china
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After mumble mumble quite a number of years, um decades of the same everyday china (nice though it is, and economically purchased from a church sale), this is the new everyday china chez rooruu, as has been alluded to recently.

What appealed? The white background, so the plain white platters etc that already reside in the cupboard will work with it. The aqua inside these two bowls, so the plain aqua pieces that already reside ditto ditto. And the silhouette - there are quite a few nice silhouetty designs around in images, homewares etc. This is simple and looks nice with food on it (some china looks like you shouldn't EVER put food on it).

The range has another bowl and of course mugs and also some other plates in aqua and white if you want to buy yet more (no). If you want the details, it's called birdsong, is made by Marie Claire and came from Myer department store and is a seasonal range, ie. they only stock it for a while, then it's gone forever.  They have regular %-off sales on homewares, too.  The reflection on the larger bowl is a reflection, not a shadowed design - it's just black on white.

I don't know what your kitchen cupboards are like, but few people seem to have empty this acquisition was the cue for a major spring clean of the kitchen cupboards and pantry, with exciting detours into "if there isn't a lid for this plastic container, it's not staying" and "the use-by date on this is WHAT?" and so forth.  Rubbish in the bin, recycleables in the recyclable bin, several boxes of saleable stuff to the op shop (Goodwill/Oxfam/charity), a good cleaning of the emptied cupboards and the new china's out of the box and on the shelf and in use.  Just have to go to Ikea for a couple of white metal shelf thingys (can't find them on the site, so I'll show you when I have them to hand) for stacking purposes.

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