Friday, October 10, 2008

rooruu's fifty best books

I thought, enough with the lists from other people and companies - what's MY list of top books/reads/authors?

So I thought about it, and wandered along the bookshelves, and here's the list.

It's a brew of children's and adult fiction, classics and bestsellers and bestselling classics, out of print stuff, newer books, some narrative nonfiction (it's my list, I get to make up the rules!).  Some I've reread recently, others not so recently.  But if I had to have just fifty books (well, some are series, but you get my drift), right now this is the list (note: no guarantee it won't change sometime - heck, I only read a couple of these books for the first time recently - who's to say I won't find more treasure soon.  Happy to.).

rooruu’s fifty books
alphabetical order by author
fiction and narrative nonfiction
each author only once – so fifty authors (and you can say series)
if you post this list on your blog, please include a link back to the source, 

  1. Margaret Atwood        The handmaid’s tale
  2. Jane Austen                 Pride and prejudice
  3. John Berger                 Ways of seeing
  4. Geraldine Brooks        Year of wonders
  5. Bill Bryson                  The lost continent
  6. Truman Capote            In cold blood
  7. Margaret Craven          I heard the owl call my name
  8. Marcia Davenport        The valley of decision
  9. Annie Dillard               The writing life
  10. Paige Dixon                 A time to love and a time to mourn
  11. Louise Erdrich             The blue jay’s dance
  12. M.F.K. Fisher              The art of eating
  13. Frederick Forsyth         The day of the Jackal
  14. Diana Gabaldon           Outlander (Cross Stitch) series
  15. Louann Gaeddert         Perfect strangers
  16. Kate Gilmore               Remembrance of the sun
  17. Elizabeth Goudge        The white witch
  18. Kenneth Grahame        The wind in the willows
  19. Helene Hanff                84 Charing Cross Road
  20. Georgette Heyer           Regency novels (eg. The Grand Sophy)
  21. William Horwood        Skallagrigg
  22. Ted Hughes                 The iron man
  23. Sebastian Junger          The perfect storm
  24. Jan Karon                    At home in Mitford
  25. Cecil Maiden               Beginning with Mrs McBee
  26. Robin McKinley          Sunshine
  27. Anne Knowles             Matthew Ratton
  28. Patricia MacLachlan    Sarah, plain and tall
  29. Alastair Maclean         The Golden Gate
  30. Norman Maclean         A river runs through it
  31. Melina Marchetta        Saving Francesca
  32. Ursula Le Guin           A wizard of Earthsea (series)
  33. William Least-Heat Moon   Blue highways
  34. L.M. Montgomery      Anne of Green Gables (series)
  35. Audrey Niffenegger    The time traveler’s wife
  36. Tim O’Brien                The things they carried
  37. Arthur Ransome          Swallows and Amazons
  38. Alice Sebold                The lovely bones
  39. Mary Ann Shaffer        The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  40. Nevil Shute                   Pastoral
  41. Mary Stolz                    The seagulls woke me
  42. Patrick Süskind             Perfume
  43. Rosemary Sutcliff         The mark of the Horse Lord
  44. Agnes Sligh Turnbull    The wedding bargain
  45. Anne Tyler                    The accidental tourist
  46. Cynthia Voigt                Come a stranger
  47. Evelyn Waugh               Brideshead revisited
  48. Jean Webster                  Daddy Long Legs (series)
  49. Laura Ingalls Wilder       Little House series
  50. John Wyndham              The day of the triffids

Do you want to play along? (If you do, leave a comment and a link to your blog so I can see your choices too). 

use this list as it stands, and add your own evaluations thus:
*** my top pick on this list
** read it, a favourite
* read it
~ read it, indifferent
^ would like to read it/plan to read it
write up your own list of fifty favourite books, alphabetical by author, and leave a comment so I can take a squizz.
If something above isn't familiar to you, the Amazons often have either editorial reviews or reader reviews, even for out of print titles.


wjcsydney said...

I don't think my memory is up to 50 favourite books. I might try 20. But I need a day or two to contemplate which.

Isabelle said...

Haven't got time just now to do 50 but would defintely include some by Carol Shields.

Interesting list, though - I haven't read them all.

RHONDA said...

Yep. I'll play. They're on my blog. Quite an odd mix, really. Makes me wonder how much a list of favourite books says about us.

PossiblyFutureDrGirl said...

I happened upon your blog by a google accident, and I have to say: I'm so glad that you know of Mary Stolz! I LOVE The Seagulls Woke Me, and there seems to be hardly any one left on this planet that remembers her wonderful novels!

I'm so pleased that there's at least SOMEONE still out there!