Thursday, September 14, 2006

The big salad

The big salad lunch
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The cornerstone of a happy lunch is the big salad.

Apart from the extensive array of vegetables, there are four secret ingredients. The ham, if ham is used, must be at least double if not triple smoked (more flavour). The dressing is a secret combination including lemon, lime, pepper, mustard and honey. And finally a small amount of peanuts and fetta add crunch and yet more flavour.

Prepared in advance by the in-house chef (that would be me), it transports to work with ease and when fully assembled and tossed in dressing, represents a decent half hour of crunching (there's a whole carrot julienned in that lot).

Highly recommended. Lotsa veges. Real food. Deeeelicious.

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meggie said...

Yum! Can I share?
Really enjoy your blog Rooruu.
Love your pics.