Friday, September 29, 2006


0609 library research
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I went to the excellent local library (as opposed to the scattered-over-too-many-branches-much-less-with-it local library - different council areas) and was able to spend some happy time researching doll house ideas, house inspiration, generally GAWjus pictures.... Dalmeny's book has some intriguing ideas, like a Shaker roombox (including instructions on how to make 1:12 scale Shaker oval boxes). As for the Rural Escapes book - there are several houses in that I'd rurally escape to in a rural or urban second!

Not a bad array for a library to yield, though, is it? This was far from all the books they had on doll houses, a fairly esoteric field I would have thought. Well done them. And I saved myself hundreds of dollars! (well, a bit less than I might have, Rural Escapes has gone on my someday oneday Amazon wishlist, along with Shabby Chic which I have been meaning to buy forever. I won't buy it here in Oz for $AU60 when it's so much less at Amazon. Pls note that there are, however, plenty of books I buy here.)

I'm still conflicted on phraseology. Doll house. Dollhouse (that seems more American). Dolls' house (sounds more English, but you have to type the apostrophe too). Doll's house? Nope. And ironically at this point my house ain't gonna have any inhabitants. They'll all have just gone out and be back soon. They're not the bit of it all that interests me most. The original 17/18th century English usage, "baby house" is too much lost in the mist of time to attempt revival - the meaning would be mistook. If you look at those book spines, they're all conflicted too.

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