Thursday, September 28, 2006


0609 loot
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It's well past "Talk like a pirate day" so I won't, loot or not. Would you look at these yummy fabrics though? Berries and cream, the brown of good farming soil, the blue of a summer sky and those great alive, happy mid-tone purples. What's not to like?

What will I make from them? A quilt....but I've NO idea of a design as yet. It's percolating, and will require delightful research in quilt history books and block encyclopedias. My favourite fabric in the range is the fan one (the first link below takes you to a colour card of all the fabrics, if you want to investigate them further).

These fabrics are Civil War Anthem by Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda.

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Isabelle said...

Yes, lovely. I've never understood why anyone takes black and white photos when they could have colour. In answer to your comment on my blog, yes, I take most of the photos but I'm very new to digital technology so I sometimes use something off the internet (which I probably shouldn't...). Anyway, I love your pictures.