Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reading: Jan Karon/Mitford

0609 Reading: Jan Karon/Mitford
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For some, I'm sure, Jan Karon's series set in the (fictitious) small American town of Mitford would be Too Much, too sweet, too - just too too.

But I lived in a small country town for a few years, and her observations ring true, the characters and events of small towns, the small and everyday which can be more revealing than larger sweeps of history.

I rather like visiting Mitford. Thanks to eBay (the series in full isn't so easy to find here in Oz) I have seven books, and am in the middle of the fourth, Out to Canaan.

Amid all the oughta shoulda woulda must-do ticky-list stuff of a break, I plan to spend some time in a puddle of sunshine on a comfy chair, visiting Mitford.

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