Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dolls' house attic renovation in progress

From the bare attic, with its redundant staircase access, to an underfloor of sueded box board, with cotton woven carpet, two walls papered with scrapbooking paper to a possible version of the room.

The white block represents the not-yet-arrived wardrobe. A false wall behind this will conceal the wiring board for the lights (which aren't yet installed). There will also be skirting board, and a wallpaper on the flip-up roof (not visible here) and some sort of window solution (still thinking on that one).

The 'bed' is a Carlton Ware ashtray which has recycling potential as a dolls' house bed. Or so I believe.

Plenty to go, but progress made.


candyschultz said...

Can you come over and do my house for me?

Georgina said...

This doll house is a huge work and patience, keep showing your progress. I'm curious about it.
Finally thanks to your help my blog is starting to walk. I need to make lots of adjustments and I'm working on that ( how to add things to the sidebar, edit my profile,etc). You can now visit a more decent blog than before. Hope you like it. Georgina

Yorky said...

Hola, desde Chile muy linda casa de muñecas, felicidades y suerte!!!

rooruu said...

Yorky: Gracias. Es diversión para imaginar esta casa y para encontrar maneras de hacerla verdadera.

Which is Google Translate's version of:
Thank you. It is fun to imagine this house and find ways to make it real.

(The best I can do, since I don't speak Spanish).

Thank you for all the comments. Candy, I'm a bit busy with this one at the moment, but thanks for the vote of confidence!

Georgina, your blog is looking lovely - that's another sort of work-in-progress. I'm surrounded by them!

Ulla said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog! Can't wait to see how your 'newish' Victorian comes along. Isn't it addictive??? Best wishes...