Monday, October 02, 2006


0610 49up
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The series remains (intrusively) brilliant - it is a gift that these people, who had no say in being chosen, choose to participate so many years later. Thank you.

Seen in a cinema (I hate chatty people in cinemas - it's not a DVD IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, FOLKS) it was nevertheless fascinating to hear the (nonverbal) reactions - gasps of recognition, amazement, pleasure, laughter at the humour to be found in the everyday of life. However intrusive it is in these people's lives, others, every seven years, feel as though they're catching up with friends; and having a chance to measure their own lives, achievements, failures, their own journey over the seven years.

Brilliant, inspiring, thought-provoking. Recommended.

Read Michael Apted, the director of the series, interviewed by film critic Roger Ebert here.

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