Sunday, October 29, 2006

How to fix a punctured tyre with fabric

0610 inspiration
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It was just a triffle spooky how the M&Ms (Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Pearls) worked with this selection of fabrics.

Had to get a puncture repaired yesterday, and golly gee, picked the tyre place which is oh, three minutes from a patchwork shop... well, I'd rather spend three-quarters of an hour in a patchwork shop than in the tyre place with a bleating out of focus telly and well-thumbed car mags.

And sometimes fabrics just follow you home, you know? The oriental fabric bottom right was the starting point.

No, I don't know quite what I'll do with them. Make a quilt, will that do for now? (Must remember next time I get a puncture to budget for the fabric purchasing as well as the tyre repair!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rooroo

We haven't met in person, but I've known Pennie G for so many years it seems like we've been old forever.

I'm just like you. I can't see an object, either live or dead, without thinking about a quilt.

I too had a puncture once - I was still driving then - and the tyre was off and the wheel nuts were on the ground in a random pattern amongst some pebbles and a flattened greengrocer cicada. And what occured to me? You guessed it. A quilt!

Then I thought of Bill - this was when I was looking at the cicada - and how we had a puncture just outside Aberdeen and there was this cow staring at us and how we laughed and laughed and laughed and wondered if the cow's name was Mac something or other. Maybe MacMoo was what I said. Bill just couldn't stop laughing. Of course I had to change the tyre and then we were off again.

As soon as I arrived home, after the cicida incident, I made a note in my little book.

But even then, like now, I was only making quilts with waterfowl themes.

Hope to meet you one day.


candyschultz said...

Those m&ms look awfully good with the fabric. Maybe you could add buttons to the quilt, buttons that look like m&ms.

rooruu said...

Jennifer, I can't tell you how honoured I am to have you comment on my blog. Words fail me - well, almost. I do look forward to seeing your waterfowl quilts. Thank you for your eloquence and insights. Do you think things would have been different if it wasn't a greengrocer cicada, but some other kind?

Best regards


Jennifer said...

Good evening Ruuroo

I normally hesitate before speaking to someone whose name is all in lower case. If someone called me jennifer I don't think I would realise they were talking to me. But if someone says Jennifer, how are you and what are you up to, the lights come on and I'm all ears (if my hearing aids are in). I would say very well thanks or if it was someone I knew I might bring them up-to-date with my medical problems, the latest of which is tinitus, which came on just after I went to the opera and which is still with me now. The sound is like a very soft radio stuck on 2CH, but without Howard Craven.

So, if you don't mind, it will be Ruuroo from me.

I am so pleased to be welcome here, despite the obstacles. First I had to do an eye test - identify and type in some random letters to prove I was not colour blind. I see I'm going to have to do it again tonight. Then I had to overcome the censorious moderator.

To answer your qustion - I don't think things would have been any different if the dead cicada was other than a greengrocer.

Best wishes


rooruu said...

Hi Jennifer,

as you see, I use the name you wish to be called - I don't recollect any time I called you jennifer, although what with some of your peculiar ways when you've installed your iPod instead of the hearing aids and have your grand-daughter's funky skeleton/eyeball sunglasses on instead of your heavy-duty reading glasses - well, I don't like to make them public on my blog. It wouldn't be fair to you.

If you could return the regard by calling me by my preferred name, rooruu, rather than Ruuroo - well, that would be appreciated. I'm sure someone your age has views on respecting others.

I think you'll find the tinnitus is actually the iPod's radio. Check your person for little white boxes (or coloured, if your dear husband was more generous than can be the case).

You may need to do more research on the cicada. Floury Baker vs. Yellow Monday vs. Cherrynose is indeed a matter for serious consideration. Mouldy's well-regarded work on the common names and identification of cicadas may be of assistance to you.

Just find your reading glasses first.

Best wishes