Tuesday, October 17, 2006


0610 shabby chic lampshade
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Judging by the quantity, these are probably reproductions or new, rather than originals. There is something about them I find immensely appealing - the slightly mottled cream, the open wandering roses, the fluting, the scalloped edge.

We have such a cornucopia of choice in decorating styles, and yet it's fascinating how one item like this can conjure an entire room. Gentle colours, age-worn furniture, comfort. Not necessarily cluttered, but with the evidence of lived lives in the room.

I can not comprehend how anyone lives in a streamlined moderne box of a room as illustrated in some magazines - don't they own books, the bric-a-brac of daily life, any kind of nod at who they are beyond clean lines and a spartan emptiness? Or have the stylists emptied anything that would evoke humanity?

As I make progress with the dolls' house (more pics soon) I'm observing how I think about that space, those rooms, how I am creating, in miniature, rooms that will tell a story.

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