Thursday, October 26, 2006


0610 grevillea "Superb"
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
This one is "Superb", I think - it's a bit more pink/yellow than the redder "Robyn Gordon" variety.

Isn't it elegant and amazing? They're easy to grow and they flower and flower (or are they bracting and bracting? - who cares, they're noice either way).


Suse said...

I've just planted a Superb. I can't wait for it to grow up and flower.

(I also planted a Honey Gem and Robyn Gordon).

meggie said...

Your pics of the flowers are lovely.
I planted a Honey Gem- a 'clodhopper' Mr Nobody, aka GOM the Garden Vandal stood on it & killed it. The lovely cream one is growing- forgotten it's name.

Isabelle said...

Oh, that's lovely! I don't think these grow over here (Scotland) - or if they do, not so startlingly.