Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reading: white + Christmas

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Yeah yeah, I know to some shabby chic is a much-bandied trend, but I've not read (as opposed to browsed) any of the books before. What I liked most about this one was her give-and-take attitude. Some things HAD to change, but others she found were liveable-with - she bought a house and through the book shows the renovation of it.

There are a couple of places in my house that could do with some white paint, or lighter paint. The wider world attaches 'shabby chic' to all sorts of frizzy-frou-frou, when she is often enough more likely to assume less is more, rather than a roomful of stuff letting nothing be seen properly.

Did a big spring clean of the living room yesterday, and it was good to have had this book in my head. I'm not sure you could have seen the difference - but I did, as I dusted and vacuumed and put things in the rubbish or the opshop box.

The Christmas issues of craft magazines, which come out in October, are starting to lob in. This one includes the results of this blog entry and this one . So I don't really have to make any Christmas craft - I was stitching and quilting months ago!


Anonymous said...

Christmas and July is when I can be seen at the newsagents checking out all the ideas and trying to resist the need to buy them all!! My sub copy of Country Threads hasn't arrived yet so I am going to be hanging out at the letterbox for the rest of the week. Hope it won't be too delayed as my mail is on redirect @ the moment to Brisbane. It will be so hard not to peek if I see an issue at the newsagent before mine arrives!
Between your post, Ruth and the A P & Q Christmas issue which DID arrive yesterday, it's tantalising! And then at Coles last night, I JUST had to buy the Aust Country Craft & Decorating Christmas issue and there you are with a profile and all!!! Congratulations!
How come you don't give your blog as part of your details???

rooruu said...

I don't remember why I didn't give the blog - the profile was written months ago, so maybe I was a bit diffident with less being up here. Dunno!

Aren't there some lovely projects in the magazines, though? I don't do Santa, as I think you know, but there's a Santa head on a stick (not grim! - a spinning reel kind of base) that's calling my name.... What might you make for this Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Still no mag..Grrr...
What MIGHT I make for Christmas as the time ticks on?? I'm hoping to get finished a quilt that I bought as a kit at last year's Brisbane Quilt Show. Just have 2 borders to do and then get a longarm quilter to quilt it. Am really pleased with it and it's a nice memento of being able to go to the show. Can't go this year.
Have JUST started a scrappy project using as a basis, an old old Chook Shed pattern with 9 patches, snowball blocks and appliqued stars. Am trying to use fabrics from the stash and to get into the mode of using the "one day" fabric. A change of thinking pattern..I keep telling myself as I open the rotary cutter there will nearly always be another "wonderful red or mustard" or whatever it is I've been hanging onto!! I'm not necessarily using Christmassy fabrics so that it can be displayed for a longer time but it will have the Christmas feel or so I's early days yet and the project is only just starting to tell me where it wants to go.
So if I start this quilt this year, I'll probably finish it next year and that will be another new quilt for next year. Carmel
PS Whenever I see fabrics with Santa on them, I do think of you!!! LOL