Monday, October 09, 2006

Flannel quilt

0610 flannel quilt
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
It's all made from quilter's flannel, front and back, and how good does it feel?

- well, except when the weather's warmed up and flannel is suddenly heading for at least six months of being irrelevant.

It's NOT a Christmas quilt (flannel? for Christmas in Australia when it's usually over 30degC? Puhleeeze!) - the fabrics I had came together like this, what with the redbird fabric and the house fabric. I'm sure it will still work next year, midyear, midwinter.

I often use flannel for the back of quilts, particularly when they're for a child, but it's a while since I made a flannel-front-and-back-and-binding. As we're coming into summer, I won't be making any more for a while - too hot to wrangle through the sewing machine.


candyschultz said...

How do you quilt a totally flannel quilt? That is a lot of bulk. Especially the binding. Winter is coming where I am and it sure looks cozy.

meggie said...

I really like that quilt!
It has turned cold down here on the coast, so it looks rather inviting today.
Will it be featuring in a magazine, or is it just for you?

Nicole and Phil said...

Love reading your quilty blog....I have added it to my favourites, so I can pop in every now and again to see what you have been up to
Nicole, Berlin, Germany

rooruu said...

@ candy: I used fairly thin cotton/polyester wadding (Matilda's Own) and machine quilted it with crosshatching, and could wrangle it. For the binding, cut at 2 1/2in for a doublefold, and it works (it's quite forgiving to sew down, and gives the same softness to the edge as the rest of the quilt).

@ meggie: it will be in Patchwork & Stitching magazine early next year. Glad you liked the Beacon Lights quilt!

@ nicole: thank you. Your bright triangles quilt will be just wonderful - great happy colours.

Sheri said...

Lovely quilt.