Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vintage quilts and knitting needles

I have a bunch of old coloured knitting needles like this, pairs and orphans, in a blue and white striped jug. Makes a great arrangement of colour - no water needed, doesn't go off, charms my eye each time I look at it.

I love the repetition in this picture - knitting needles, rolled quilts, folded quilts.

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candyschultz said...

I have tons of old knitting needles also. Maybe I will display them in a similar manner. They are really colorful. Quilts always look wonderful as do your photographs. I have received some accessories for my quilt shop from an online dollhouse store, which I do not recommend. I will post a photo in a day or so. Some of it arrived broken and all was very poorly made. I think I will stick to my local store. Their quality is much better. I mainly wanted to receive the little bolts of fabric so I could see what size to make my own but those were out of stock. Ah, the vicissitudes of decorating.