Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pirates' gold

0609 pirates' gold
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
For a little while, coinciding with the release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film, you could buy M&Ms in pirate gold colours. Despite the reservations of some (babypoo coloured peanut M&Ms?) I rather like the colour range. From a quilting point of view, it reminds me that a colour range from pretties to uglies (well, think of it as mustard) works, and this is a delightful combination of yellows. The bowl is one I got from Bison in Canberra. It's smooth and just the right size, grace in the everyday. Like the green cup I blogged about a while ago, it's happy in the hand.


Dy said...

What a beautiful photograph.
In fact all your photos are beautifully done and I enjoy popping in regularly to admire them.

rooruu said...

Thanks, Dy. I'm in awe of the Indian Orange Peel WIP on your blog - wonderful colours, scary piecing!