Saturday, September 23, 2006

Workplace art

0609 workplace art 1
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

This muriel (ok, ok, mural) is in our workplace - something to look at and ponder on, something to give you space for wonder amid the busy day. It's inspired by Australian Aboriginal work, although it was part of a group work involving Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

(No guarantees I won't find more photogenic shrubs and trees, but this is a change from Nature!)


candyschultz said...

That is cool. Is it on the floor or wall?

meggie said...

That is really interesting.
Love the nature photos also, but the 'muriel' is a great change of pace.

rooruu said...

Thanks for the comments. It's on a wall, part of a line of works. Which I may deploy in future, as shrub alternatives...!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Good to see someone else calling it a muriel. :-)