Monday, September 18, 2006

A Year of Color/Colour: pine green

Playing with the weekly challenge at the Flickr A Year of Color group has been a lovely journey through my Flickr photos, revisiting ones from earlier in the year and remembering the context in which they were taken.

This week's colour is pine green. There's a link to A Year of Color in the right hand sidebar, if you want to enjoy some beautiful photos.


Georgina said...

Hello, I'm a quilter from Spain and everything related to blogs is new to me. I would love to add to my blog (which is nothing yet) an image created by me using Photoshop and wanted to ask you how you inserted yours in your banner or template. Sorry to bother for this. Your blog is different than the ones I have seen. Loved it! Thank you, Georgina

Isabelle said...

Great pictures. I just love the variousness of leaves. You wouldn't think there could be so many variations on a theme - shapes and colours of green.

rooruu said...

Hi Georgina,
I had the photos in Flickr, and so I used fd's flickr toys Mosaic maker to line them up. I then wrangled them in Arcsoft Photostudio, fading the border and adding the text. Having saved the image, I then inserted it into the blogger template. I'm just about to straighten/centre it - Brenda whose blog is in my blogroll, Serendipity and the Art of the Quilt, has helpful entries on blog banners and has sent me some code. Hope this helps.