Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dolls' house

0609 house
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I promised my dear mama a clue as to my latest vice. So here it is. (Hi Mum!)

Although today I've got a bunch of quilting that HAS to be done, (a flannel quilt! and it's an unseasonal 33degCelsius today!) so nothing's happening in da house today. It might get some lights next week. Impatient though I may be to wallpaper and furnish, (there are some GAWjus scrapbooking papers out there with which to wallpaper!) I've learned that lights come first, so you can hide the wires (will this become the most expensive lamp in the [big]house?).

The art supply shop had some unbleached linen @$14.95/m (dirt cheap for linen, I wonder if the cross-stitchers know?) which could make elegant flooring.

It's not going to be a Victorian crammit house, either - I fancy the idea of something more contemporary, incorporating vintage and modern. And a chance to play with textile possibilities - quilts, rugs, curtains, more.

(That whirring sound you hear is my brain in overdrive).


candyschultz said...

Oh, you make me want to get back to my dollhouse. It's been sitting for several years. I got the primer on the exterior and then started working on the real house. I had the same idea for the interior - eclectic - modern mostly with some antiques. We're getting into the home stretch upstairs so maybe I can get back to it. I have quilting waiting also but I always have quilting waiting. Your house is gorgeous.

meggie said...

Please, please can we see it's progress?
It looks so nice & sounds intriguing.

I have always wanted to have one, but with too many other hobbies....