Monday, July 10, 2006

Blog toys

Added a couple of new blog toys this week.

The world map shows where readers of this blog reside (I do hope whichever one of you looks to be mid-Mediterranean can swim really well, or else has a delightful island).

LibraryThing shows five (random) books from the library/catalogue (beginnings of - only 80 titles so far) that I've established on that site. If you haven't taken a squizz at LibraryThing, it's got a lot of play potential - how many people have listed which title, tags, clouds, all sorts of amusement - you don't need to join or list any books to play there. It's good to know others enjoy I heard the owl call my name (Margaret Craven) (a work of fiction written with clarity and intelligence and deceptive simplicity), and interesting to note that for some titles, I was the first one to list them. It's amusing to see the internet serve the book in this way.

I also recently revised the list of creative blogs - there are some entertaining and inspirational links there, if you've got the time...

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