Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salad Days

0607 Salad Days 45
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The 45's scratched and probably unplayable, but it was delightful to find this at the op shop today. We had an LP record of this 1950s musical, Salad Days when I was growing up, and I can still sing many of the songs:
If I start looking behind me
and begin retracing my track
I'll remind you to remind me
we said we wouldn't look back...

Mind you, we had the record but I've never seen a production, so it's something of a jigsaw puzzle, story-wise. Pianos? Regrets? Sitting in the sun? Sounded like jolly genteel japes.
We mustn't say these
were our happiest days
but our happiest days so far..

I could google it, but that would dissolve the mystery.

This is a glimpse of the quilt top pieced from the Quilt Cut photo last weekend. I've added the border, pinned it and begun quilting it today. It seemed happy as a background to the graphic design of the record cover.

I also rather like the leaf print on the cover - could be fun to play with that sort of idea.

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