Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tapestry: House and garden

0606 tapestry
Originally uploaded by rooruu.
This is one of my early & surviving needleworks (the dressmaking by and large is long gone to op shops and rag bags). It was a 1970s kit - came with the sensitively-coloured wools and co-ordinating frame (white, plastic) - and was I think a gift from Santa.

The colours are somewhat gaudier than my recollection of the English countryside. Still and all - one of my grandmothers did tapestries as her needleworking, as well as knitting dolls' clothes (for larger dolls, Sindy defeated her) (we had Sindy, not Barbie). I've made more than one tapestry in my time, as it's nice non-brain repetition, good for occupying time with another activity (the teev, meetings etc). It's a kind of colouring-in with wools.

This may be a modest and also unsubtle piece, but I'm glad to still have it, for more than one reason.

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