Friday, July 07, 2006

WIP Friday*

0607 quilt fabric for WIPs
Originally uploaded by rooruu.

Fabric for two Christmas projects to get done in the next few days, a table runner and a Christmas quilt. It's nice to have the contrast between funky colours/fabrics (the lime/red and trees) and traditional colours with not a Christmas fabric in sight. Australia's is a summer Christmas, so it's fun to play with more light, summery colours as well as the classics.

Photographed this in several places and from several angles (I do love digital cameras!) and the colours just seemed to pop better against green. The basket cost a whole $2 at an op shop last week.

*WIP Friday: for works in progress, a meme started at hop skip jump. There's a Flickr group here.

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Just Patchwork said...

Hi Ruth! I love this Christmas Tree fabric - I have it pulled with some hot pink gingham to make - guess what - a table runner for some German friends... I told you that I always love your quilts :)