Monday, July 10, 2006

Tapestry: Poppies

0606 tapestry
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Another of my earlier needleworks, dating from the early 1980s. By then I'd discovered Victoria House in Mittagong, with its hand-painted tapestries and stranded persian tapestry wool. The kit for this (as far as I know it was a one-off) was a present (chosen with a gift voucher, ie. I picked it!).

Sadly, the framer was rotten. I still think, one day, that I'll dismantle it, add more tapestry canvas to the corners and either reframe it or make it into a cushion. On a more positive note, I still admire the subtlety of the original design, particularly the petal shadings.

Victoria House is still there, still with an astonishing collection of tapestries and embroideries, threads and patterns. I acquired a number of sampler patterns from them over the years (Sheepish Designs were favourites), but right now I'm mostly quilting. So when I'm in Mittagong it's the two quilt shops (and a couple of antique/junk shops) that get my first attention.

Still have a couple of tapestries on the go - mind you, they've been on the go for several years. One's a counted one (not printed on the canvas) so it needs attention to continue, while the other is printed and is mindlessly wonderful as a way to allow long meetings to pass.

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