Thursday, July 27, 2006

The price of petrol

0607 the price of petrol
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There is discussion on current affairs programs about the inflation rate causing interest rates to rise, and the two elements cited as major influences are the astronomical price of bananas (see blog entry a few days ago) post-Cyclone Larry, and the ever-increasing price of petrol (gas, if you're American). I kinda wonder, hasn't it been the same with most people, you just don't buy bananas like you used to (and hope to again in the future), so how can this contribute?

It's a lot harder to avoid buying petrol, though. It used to cost under $30 to fill this tank - and the 32 litres shown here is only three-quarters of capacity...

Every now and then it's good to record such mundane details as this - they are a part of every day. Maybe one day we'll marvel at such cheap petrol.

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Penni said...

We were in Palm Cove (north of Cairns) recently and saw a bunch of green banana on a tree, hanging over a garden fence. It was such a potent image, layered with a whole new narrative since Larry. While we were up there the Weekend Australian published an article on the lives of people in Innisfail and Mission Beach since the hurricane. It was frightening to imagine what it would have been like and so sad to think about the changed landscape and undersea-scape. But the resilience of the envronment is extraordinary too - as represented in that tight fist of green bananas hanging over the fence!
(And, by the way, the bananas in the supermarket there were $16.99 a kilo! Out-wageous.)
As for petrol, we're considering selling our car, though the cost of public transport in Melbourne is pretty outrageous too. I remember a few years ago when petrol first crept up over $1.00 a litre and my partner was outraged (I can't drive so it would have done unnoticed by me). Now $1.40 seems kind of normal to me, I can't imagine it being two digits.