Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Cup roundup

I'm a soccer ignoramus, but having alluded to the World Cup soccer in other posts, I feel duty bound to add a final comment, before it's over.

The Australian Socceroos were magnificent; they stood up and took their challenge with joy and determination and team spirit to teams ranked far higher - win, lose or draw. Their approach showed some of this country's best qualities. This house watched every one of their matches live.

It was beastly cruel and distinctly whiffy that an opposition dive and a ref awarding a penalty rather than, say, a corner at the utterly final minute should have robbed them of the chance of extra time in their match against Italy. And each time since that Italy has won, the air fills with 'what if?'.

Wimbledon's on, and so forth, but the next sporting event to attract the serious attention of this house will be the Ashes series at year's end. That should be something to see, after the last one.

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