Sunday, July 09, 2006

Corella pears & vintage encyclopedias

It may be winter, but there is some wonderful fruit around - not just fragrant strawberries (I'm eating more as I compose this), but sweet mandarins (Vinnie at the fruit shop recommended the small ones as being the best right now, peeling one and giving it to me to prove the case) and these blushing corella pears. OK, so I bought them entirely on appearance, because they're beautiful - but in a day or two they'll prove their eating qualities.

I have an affection for vintage encyclopedias like this - these are four random volumes from a larger set, circa 1961. They're a snapshot of their time: concerns, attitudes, matters of importance, ways of seeing, what was considered new/fresh/innovative (does a computer fit in just one room yet?). And sometimes, when you're lucky, colour plate illustrations, although they can be an astonishingly random selection of images. There were only the four on the op shop shelf - I wonder what happened to the rest? These were $2 each.

The silver dish is also from an op-shop. Or was it a garage sale? Either way, a bit of silver polish and elbow grease brought it back to life. Of course, the first time you polish it is always rather more fun than the second. Or third. Or...

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