Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lemon tree

0607 lemon tree
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I was going to call this "wild lemons", but that would be twee AND a fudge, since they aren't, they're the ones that grow in the garden, admittedly without much help or attention. Now, just past the middle of winter, the tree is heavy with fruit, some of which is reachable.

I rather liked the yellow and green of the lemons against the blue of today's clear sky.

SeaChange update: up to the second half of series three, the final series (it's been good to quilt to). Max is being irritating (and irritated), Laura having been perverse is being rewarded by the attentions of Warwick (the world's most boring man), and so it goes. I think my favourite individual episode in the series to this point is Playing with fire. Beautifully, cleverly written, and the strong performances shown with fine photography - it's an episode with images that stay in your mind - silent hands questioning the water in Marco Polo, Miranda's name written in fire.

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