Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vegetable soup

0607 incipient vegetable soup
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OK, so you can buy 'soup packs' from supermarkets and greengrocers. But why do they always contain a turnip? Who puts turnips as a hey-yeah! ingredient in their vegetable soup? While mashed neeps are a great Irish accompaniment to a roast dinner (whack in a bit of butter and cream, and maybe some spices if you're feeling adventurous), turnip's rather insistent flavour upsets the balance of vegetable soup. Parsnip, on the other hand ($8.99/kilo, isn't it a winter vegetable???) adds a quirky sweetness. With a bit of Bolst's superior curry powder, decent chicken stock, bay leaves, a turn of nutmeg, cracked black pepper and, when it's done and whizzled in the blender, a slurp of cream, this will warm the cockles for dinner tonight.

(You may note the absence of green vegetables. They work perfectly well, of course, but there is the fascinatingly unappealing colour of the result... rather agricultural in nature. This one's a curried cream of orange and white vegetable soup). Must buy some crusty bread on the way home...

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Caitlin said...

YUM! yes, I was wondering why parsnips were so dear as I pondered veges at the greengrocer last week. Nothing better than roast parsnip!